New Moon in Aquarius: Breakthroughs & Adjustment

The Moon and the Sun meet in the sky at 4° Aquarius later today, squaring Uranus in Taurus. This new beginning is forged in a spirit of breakthrough, awakening and disruption to the status quo. Called into question is the stability and consistency of the fixed signs where this New Moon takes place in her strained conversation with pattern-breaker Uranus. What we thought might last forever or at least a bit longer, suddenly does a surprise backflip into our blind spot and we must change our perspective to meet it there.

New Moon in AquariusAlso on the cosmic stage at this New Moon is a square between Mars in Sagittarius (what we think we’re entitled to and how we get it) vs Venus in Pisces (our finances and values as well as the desire for a happily every after connection). In the superior position, Mars is bearing down on sweet Venus which could result in some Truth Slaying that bruises our vulnerable needs for affection, security and togetherness. This Mars is in cahoots with a cool and calculated Mercury. Merc in Aquarius is usually logical and rational, the “cool heads prevail” type. But in sextile with the Truth Slayer (Mars in Sag), the words fly out by themselves as if we’re channeling pent up slights that are finally coming out logorrhea style (fire + air) to be dealt with once and for all, for better or for worse. Waiting in the wings is Neptune—conjunct Venus & square Mars—ready to soften the blow with Neptunian tools: compassion, acceptance, love AND/OR escapism, obfuscation and wine therapy.

Seeding the future

This lunation is important because it seeds the energy we’ll be moving into as the outer planets ingress into Aquarius. Saturn enters Aquarius March 21–July 1 and then for good on Dec 17. Jupiter enters in December, and finally Pluto will change signs in 2023. The times: they are a changin’ and this New Moon in Aquarius gives us a glimpse of things to come. Those of us with planets or angles between 2°-7° of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) will feel this lunation the strongest. We can look to the harvest of the seeds planted now when we greet the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd.