New Moon in Libra 2022

September 25, 2022 at 4:55 pm Central—Sunday’s New Moon in Libra has us waking up to the viability of relationships of all kinds. Where are we doing our part? Where have we dropped the ball? Are we compromising too much or not enough? Do we feel out of balance, perhaps trying to do everything ourselves? These are the kinds of questions Libra mulls over.

Core to the Libra archetype is balance and fairness. And when the Self-Other axis of Aries-Libra bears down heavy on the side of the scales, this Cardinal Air sign is more apt than most to set it right, even if it does so in a round-about way.

Libra New Moon 2022Further, the New Moon in Libra opposes a robust, go-get-em Jupiter in Aries. Some of us may feel like we’re vigorously trying to keep our cool, like a graceful duck on the water who is paddling furiously underneath where nobody can see the effort that it’s taking to stay afloat. Jupiter in Aries holds an enthusiastic vision that confronts the moderation this New Moon is seeding.

Do I say something or let it go?

The ruler of this lunation is Venus in Virgo. The planet of love, beauty, coin and connection is traditionally considered to be in fall in Virgo where she has a harder time fulfilling her significations.  Yet, this placement excels in tending to details with the intention to improve conditions. So the question becomes: do I say something or do I just let it go? Do I attempt more balance, fairness, understanding and ultimately connection or do I just let the situation play out?

On the one hand, a Venus ruled lunation prefers to indulge easy-going vibes and a sense of harmonious goodwill which would mean not ruffling any feathers. But Venus in Virgo has a hard time dismissing inequities that tend to build upon one another which threatens to erupt into inevitable confrontation. Further, in the New Moon chart, Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces. This energy can come across as ambiguous or self-sacrificing or compassionate—it depends on which of the many sides of Neptune we’re currently attuned to.

Communication that needs airing

Photo by Andrew Petrov on Unsplash

Perhaps Mercury’s conjunction to Venus holds the key here. In the New Moon chart, Mercury has recently re-entered his home sign Virgo from Venus’s sign, Libra. Mercury will travel back to 24° Virgo, just one degree away from the spot Venus occupies during the New Moon. If we think of Mercury as the messenger, there could be an important piece of communication that needs airing; and since these two signs (Libra & Virgo) don’t have a direct line of sight to one another, this communication could come from a third party—like a mediator or a business deal—that’s able to bridge the practical needs of Virgo to the relational desires of Libra.

What’s the takeaway? Sometimes, the right conversation with the right attitude at the right time can go a long way in restoring feelings of goodwill that might have gotten buried under slights and unfairness. For some of us, October will open a desire to set the balance right in at least one area of our lives.