November is just around the corner!

October 21, 2022—November is just around the corner!  Here in Central Mexico, the Sun pours light across the horizon increasingly later as the Moon stretches her inky black sheets over the sky progressively sooner. I’ve been reaching for sweaters as the warm weather is beginning to leave us for other parts of the world. Markets sell bunches of fragrant marigold in preparation for Day of the Dead celebrations where families across the Country remember loved ones who now visit in spirit form, especially this time of year.

The current astrological weather suits the contemplate mood here. Mars slows down in preparation for his retrograde on the 30th, inviting us to root down and reflect on our motivations and desires. Eclipse season may have us changing course or making decisions now that have been sewn in the Scorpio terrain of deepest truth, survival and intimate bonding.

By the end of October, Venus, the Sun and Mercury will occupy Scorpio while Jupiter will re-enter Pisces. The strong emphasis on water the beginning of November spotlights transition, integration as well as the nourishing quality of our relationships. The end of November will feel more uplifting as water parts to fire and Sagittarius leads the way.

Here’s what the last part of October and all of November holds in store for us: