“Every story is us." ― Rumi

asteroid goddesses

In the natal chart, the placements of the asteroid goddesses Juno, Ceres, Pallas Athene and Vesta speak to the more feminine expression of relating, nourishing, creative intelligence and dedication. I created these pendants in honor of renowned astrologer Demetra George who has done so much to illuminate the relevance of these goddess asteroids in both women and men.

If you’re wondering which goddess is right for you, consider this:

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Queen of Heaven

Regaled as the Queen of the Gods, the Greeks knew her as Hera. Older myths align her as the Triple Moon Goddess representing the three stages of a woman’s life: Maiden, Mother and Sage.

In our charts, Juno represents the relating principle. She points to what we need in a committed relationship in order to be content.


Keeper of the Flame

Vesta is one of the oldest and most cherished goddesses. Hestia, her Greek name, means “hearth”, symbolic of that what brings us together, gives us focus and captures our attention.

In our charts, Vesta describes our commitment style and where we revitalize ourselves through work, devotion and even sacrifice.


Great Mother

The Greeks knew her as Demeter which comes from da mater or “earth mother.” Ceres was the important goddess of the harvest. Her story is one of loss and reunion and the cycles inherent in life.

In our charts, Ceres points to how we nourish others and need to be nourished ourselves.  Ceres also speaks to self worth, to loss & recovery. 


Warrior Queen

Athena emerged fully grown from her father’s forehead. Zeus. Her roots reach back to her origins in the African Amazons as the Libyan Triple Goddess Neith.
In our charts, Pallas Athene describes our capacity for creativity, curiosity, strategy and synthesis. Given her gift to see patterns, she is the patron goddess of weavers.


The cart is set up for addresses in the United States. If you’re outside the US and would like a pendant, email me your shipping address and I will let you know the cost and how to pay for one.

“The power of the Goddess has been in a state of deep slumber for the last four to five thousand years. With the discovery of the asteroids, the power of the feminine has at last been activated and released into our conscious awareness.”
― Demetra George