Shifting gears with Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury

We’re shifting gears today as Jupiter stations direct at 14 Sag, Uranus stations retrograde at 6 Taurus, and Mercury re-enters Leo to join Venus, the Sun, and Mars all celebrating in the Sun’s sign. The Sagittarius and Pisces areas of our life—ruled by Jupiter—might have been on the table, getting measured, edited, and planned on. Now we can swing that fabric of our life through the needle of wisdom, hope, and opportunity Jupiter offers us.

Uranus will travel back the rest of 2019 to 2° Taurus in January of 2020 re-awakening the early degrees of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This can be the time some of us surrender to the shifts that want to move us in a different direction, the unfolding of our lives becoming increasingly urgent as we move into the powerful astrology of 2020.

There’s somewhat of an energetic pause today, one that feels full of eminent potential, that seeks to align us with our sense of purpose and radiance of being as we welcome Mercury into life-affirming Leo. I’m thinking of standing in the church in Chamula yesterday. There were thousands of candles lit on tables. People chanted and prayed as shamans waved chickens over supplicants, retrieving parts of their soul that had been lost along the way. Men and women on their knees in reverence, internally active. Pine boughs carpeting the floor and filling the air with purification and fresh beginnings. Above me, the ceiling had been painted with the Sun, Moon and Stars, and in the four corners I saw: The Bull, The Snake & The Eagle, The Lion, and The Jaguar (instead of the cherub). I thought of Uranus stationing and the power in being still enough to allow natural change to awaken us. Further down, as I looked into the mirrors hanging on the Saints placed there to allow travel to other dimensions, I felt a small wind around me. But there was no wind: the candles flickered, the giant tapestries hung motionless; yet there was wind. It was like the majestic pause of Jupiter and Uranus at that moment preparing to change direction, requesting that I remember this significant point in time.

Art by @lacabezaenlasnubes