Taurus New Moon

May 11 at 2:00pm Central—The second week of May delivers a cornucopia of delights, almost as if to fortify us for the upcoming eclipse season and the Saturn-Uranus 2nd square just around the corner. We have an adrenalizing Mars-Uranus sextile, Jupiter entering Pisces, a powerful Mercury making a stabilizing trine to Saturn, and this exalted New Moon in Taurus.

Today’s New Moon sextiles Neptune while trining Pluto giving it a transcendent feel that’s grounded in its own truth. This reminds me a bit of the African proverb, “When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.” When we know who we are, have faced our fears, learned that we can depend on our own resilience, we continue to orient towards our vision despite the external turbulence that comes and goes.

A big part of knowing who we are is making space for humility. We can get into trouble when we don’t braid resilience with gratitude and fortune with devotion. Austin Coppock speaks of Decan III of Taurus as unfortunate as it focuses on the difficult parts of life. No matter what our position, we don’t have total control over everything. As the saying goes: Shit Happens 💩. We do better at navigating the vicisitudes of life when we recognize our place in its web: no higher or lower than anyone/thing else we share this planet with.

Decan III of Taurus is associated with the Seven of Pentacles, also known as “The Lord of Failure”. Even though this card can appear then we’re trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, more often it’s asking us to take a time out. What really matters? Where can I give thanks? How do I add meaning to my part of the world? Asking these kinds of questions ties us back into the regenerative potential of Taurus enabling the sowing of seeds that sink into our truth as they uplift towards our vision.