The Skies of February 2022

Astrology transits of February 2022

The month begins with six of the seven traditional planets in Saturn’s signs leaving only Jupiter in his own watery domicile of Pisces. This configuration emphasizes the quarter section of our charts containing Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

On the 3rd, Mercury stations direct. His three week retrograde saw him travel from 10° Aquarius to 24° Capricorn. He will have passed over Pluto three times while in Capricorn: December 30th, January 30th and once again on February 11th.  If you have any placements around 24°-25° Capricorn, or if Mercury is your Time Lord, you may be wrapping up an intense issue involving business matters, communication, contracts, power plays and getting to the bottom of things.

Mercury re-enters Aquarius on the 14th and will clear his shadow—where he turned retrograde mid-January—on the 24th.

Mars catches up to Venus on the 16th. The pair will be traveling closely together for the next couple of months. It won’t be until April where they are out of orb of one another.

Also on the 16th, the Moon will exactly oppose the Sun creating a Full Moon in Leo. If we don’t consider the asteroids, this playful Leo Moon will be the only element of fire in the industrious, saturnine sky.

Jupiter in Pisces provides some levity perhaps through faith, dreams, insight or a mixture of all three with a sextile to Uranus the following day.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th. As a mutable sign, we know the Sun is in a liminal space now and preparing to enter a new season the third week of March. The Sun in Pisces is a harbinger of change and courts transition.