Third Lunar Mansion: All Good Things

Just as the Sun travels through a new sign every thirty days, the Moon journeys through a lunar mansion every single day. The 28 lunar mansions were thought to be the moon’s resting places as she moved across the sky for a full cycle. Just like the domiciles that host the Sun from month to month, Aries through Pisces, each Lunar Mansion has particular characteristics, themes and associated images that flavor the moon as she travels through the span of degrees associated with each lunar mansion.


When creating a lunar mansion talisman, we wait until the moon is within the span of degrees allocated to the mansion we want to work with. So for instance, with the Third Lunar Mansion, we would wait for the moon to be between 25° Aries 42′ to 8° Taurus 34′. At the very least, we would want the moon strongly positioned on the Ascendant or Midheaven and free from Mars or Saturn.

The Third Lunar Mansion is a very auspicious mansion. It’s a wish-fulfilling mansion, not unlike a genie in a lamp.  Once the lunar mansion talisman is created, it’s advised to pass the talisman through the incense smoke when the moon returns to the mansion. This revitalizes the talisman and connects us back to our purpose for creating the talisman in the first place.

I’m collaborating with the delightfully talented photographer Holly Wilmeth to capture planets and lunar mansions during their appropriate magical election windows.  This month, we began the mansion series with The Third Lunar Mansion.

Third Lunar Mansion


  • Third Lunar Mansion 
  • Name: Al-Thurayya  (The Pleiades)
  • Spirit: Amixiel or Annuncia
  • Properties: Acquisition of all good things. Safe travel. Success in hunting and alchemy.
  • Boundary: 25° ♈ 42′ to 8° ♉ 34′
  • Image: A seated woman with her right hand raised above her head.
  • Model: Facialist Sophia Betancourt
  • Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • Election: January 10, 2022 from 12:56pm-1:19pm
  • Petition: May all who look on this talismanic photograph receive their deepest desire.