Uranus stations retrograde

Ganesha. Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

On August 19th, Uranus joins Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto by stationing retrograde. Uranus makes it almost to the middle of Taurus before retracing its steps to travel back five degrees to 10°49′ of Taurus where it will station direct mid January of next year. Last time Uranus was at 10° of Taurus was April and May of this year. And before that, during the months of July, August (where it stationed retrograde at 10°41′) and September of 2020. These five degrees are getting jolted again by Uranus.

Who feels it most?

If you have your Ascendant, Midheaven and any planets between 10° to 14° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), Uranus will be conjuncting, squaring or opposing that placement at least once between now and May of next year when it returns to the same degree it is at this time, 14°47′ of Taurus. Known as “The Great Awakener”, Uranus often brings surprises, disruptions, breakthroughs and resets as it interacts with planets and sensitive points in our chart.

Common during Uranus transits are moves, career changes, family additions or removals, break-ups, get togethers and identity crisis. It depends which planet(s) Uranus engages with and the Taurus part of your chart it is engaging from. Yet, beneath the external manifestations, Uranus calls us into alignment with our deeper selves. It does this by shaking us up and out of complacency. For this reason, we call it “The Great Awakener”.

Uranus final visit to 10° of Taurus

If you have a planet or sensitive point around 10° (plus or minus three degrees) of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, think back to April and May of this year and also to July through September of 2020. This final visit of Uranus to 10° of Taurus can mean that there’s a closing piece of life to resolve, align and awaken.