Uranus stations direct

On January 22nd, Uranus will station direct at 14°56′ Taurus.  Last time Uranus was in this part of the sky was in May of 2022. And before that, during August of 2021 when it stationed retrograde at 14°48.  For those of us with our Ascendant, Midheaven and any planets near the middle of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), we are wrapping up a Uranus transit that began around August of 2021.

Known as The Great Awakener, Uranus often introduces instability, disruption, surprise and/or breakthrough into our lives as it interacts with personal planets and sensitive points in our chart. Common during Uranus transits are moves, career changes, family additions or removals, break-ups, flings and identity crisis. It depends which planet(s) Uranus engages with and the Taurus part of your chart it is engaging from. The usual advice is to expect the unexpected, which isn’t helpful as for me, the unexpected takes on a surreal flavor, like finding a giant talking octopus in my kitchen.

Yet, beneath the somewhat chaotic external manifestations, Uranus calls us into alignment with our deeper selves. It does this by shaking us up and out of complacency. For this reason, we call it The Great Awakener.  In the shake-up, we’re given the opportunity to experiment and change our normal way of doing things. Sometimes we find the change is more closely aligned with the direction we know is right for us.

It won’t be until May 9, 2023, that Uranus clears 18°55 of Taurus, where the planet stationed retrograde last August. Until May 9th, Uranus will revisit ground he’s already travelled, wrapping up business as he clears these degrees for the final time in this 84 year cycle. If you have planets here, this ultimate visit of Uranus from 15° to 19° of Taurus can mean there’s a piece of life that’s ready to resolve, align and awaken.

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I created the octopus images in Midjourney.