Venus enters Gemini and a Malefic Enclosure

In the outwardly focused, air sign of Gemini, this expressive Venus lights up any social circle she enters. She’s genuinely curious in the details of people’s lives which makes her a great interviewer and match maker. Friendly, witty, and flirtatious, she’s a charming conversationalist and idea pollinator. She values life-long learning given Gemini’s capacity and desire to soak up information of all sorts. When she’s not engaged in conversation or socially flitting about the room, you’ll find her with her head in a book, or listening to a stream of podcasts, or in the chat box at an online webinar as she expands her knowledge in whatever holds her attention at the moment. If you want her to notice you: be interesting.

Venus remains in Gemini until August 7th. She transits Gemini 4x longer than usual this year because she turns retrograde on May 13th. Once she enters Gemini, Venus will trine Saturn, sandwiching herself in between the rays of Mars and Saturn until April 12th when Mercury interjects his ray and enters the sandwich. In traditional astrology, when Saturn and Mars bookend a planet on either side either by conjunction or by casting a ray by trine, square, or opposition on both sides of a planet, the planet is said to be enclosed by the malefics. This condition limits the planet’s ability to express itself.
Yet this Venus is enclosed by trines, and Saturn is in his own domicile. This Venus sandwich is not as bad as it could be. Yes, our friendships, love, beauty and finances may feel frustrated, confined and restricted during this time. But when choices are stripped, we can strongly focus on the only coarse available to us. Perhaps this Venus learns a new skill online that will help her financially later on. Maybe she joins a virtual community that strengths a growing passion she’s never had the time for until now, picking up a few remote friendships along the way.
Even though our social and financial structures may feel compromised at the moment, Venus in mutable Gemini puts her best foot forward by adapting and remaining flexible.