Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini takes her seat at a speed-dating event.  If I were a betting person, I’d place my money on her as leaving the scene with the most contacts. Although Venus in Taurus, Libra or Pisces might be a more obvious choice at stealing a few hearts, Venus in Gemini is better equipped at these fast takes of making a connection.

For starters, she’s genuinely curious about her choices which in good lighting comes across as interest. Ruled by Mercury, she effortlessly keeps a conversation going. She’s got a gift for pulling out just the right anecdote she heard recently on a podcast, read in an article or overheard in a nearby chat. She also asks lively questions… not the penetrating kind that Scorpio would (which is why Scorpio would rather sit with one—maybe two people—all night), but the kind you’d find on NYT “36 questions that lead to love.” As she asks questions and answers them, she’s mentally making matches in her head of who here could pair up together. After all, it’s a game and she excels at games. And networking. And keeping up.

Venus entered Gemini on June 22nd and leaves for Cancer on July 17th. During her tour through Mercury’s domicile she’ll sextile Jupiter on June 28th, trine Saturn on July 12th, and square Neptune on July 14th.

Back to speed dating:

    • Venus in Gemini first meets up with Jupiter in Aries. It’s a fun match! They’re both benefics, good natured and in high spirits. Jupiter tells Venus his motto is “Go Big or Go Home”. She likes his passion and fiery faith. He likes her affability and verve.For the rest of us, June 22nd is a good day to make a first move, step boldy forward and/or just have some fun.
    • Next in line: A trine to Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn’s looking for a long term commitment. He asks Venus where she envisions herself in 2, 5 and 10 years. He cuts right to the chase.  Realistically speaking, he asks: Are you ready to settle down? Although most might be a little turned off by the cold logic that seems to permeate Saturn’s vibe, the actual trine is welcome to Venus. She doesn’t mind thinking about these questions and wondering about the accuracy of her answers as she hears herself speaking them.July 17th is an opportune time to pin down a commitment or realistically evaluate dedication, loyalty and responsibility towards a person, place or thing.
    • Last on our list: A square to Neptune in Pisces. Oh boy: Neptune’s had a little too much to drink. He’s got a slight slur going on and his eyes are at half mast. On the plus side: he has great taste in music and Venus likes the chip of teal paint under his fingernails and the mermaid scrunchie holding his loose ponytail. Adorable! Venus is drawn to these types of romantic artists, but in Gemini, she has no patience for the fog that accompanies them.July 14: Be aware of overindulging while wearing rose-colored glasses. That said, Venus-Neptune connections are a wonderful time to blissfully escape into Neverland.

Mars, Uranus and Pluto did not make it to this speed-dating meet-up so Venus does not have a sit down with them while transiting Gemini.  It’s just as well as she wasn’t sure what questions would work well for them anyway!

Illustrations from Storyset