Working with Saturn 🪐

Front and back of the Saturn talisman I created. Available in my store.

When I decided to work with Saturn, I can’t say that I was 100% comfortable with the idea of invoking his energy. For good reason, we get a little anxious when we see Saturn encroaching on our personal planets. Nobody willingly signs up for obstructions, struggle, delays, frustrations, isolation and depression. But I’ve always been more curious than cautious. I thought about the other sides of Saturn: wisdom, embodiment of occult knowledge, connecting with ancestors, stepping into responsibility and growing in integrity… and I went for it.

In March, I removed my Sun altar to construct an altar to Saturn: a photograph of my grandmother, uncomely country stones, sapphires, cumin, and Ficino’s Three Books on Life. I began attuning myself to Saturn’s energy so I would be ready to bring home six Saturn talismans in May.

It’s been three months of actively inviting Saturn through petitions and wearing the talisman. I’ve made decisions and responsible changes that weren’t easy, but were definitely in integrity. Saturn visits me in my dreams, showing me their different sides and the way their energy manifests long term over a lifetime. I spend much more time meditating now as I’m drawn to the stillness.

Probably the most significant result is finding a craniosacral practitioner who has been instrumental in helping me uncover blockages to my own happiness and light. It’s not what I expected. I thought new blockages might arise, but not a wise guide who would accompany me into my own underworld to find old ones to release from the self-sabotaging work they’ve been engaged in for decades. Saturn has its joy in the 12th, and that’s where I’ve found him: in silence, contemplation and in the self-undoing of archaic egoic structures handed down generation after generation until these blocks could be recognized and compassionately let go.

When I worked with the Sun for a year and wore the Sun talisman I made, it was truly a magical year of unfolding my Self in a project I poured my heart into. Saturn is different, but equally magical. I so look forward to learning, experimenting and pilgrimaging more this year with The Great Teacher.