Early reports of the Venus Talisman

Two sided Exalted Venus Talisman
Two sided Exalted Venus conjunct Fomalhaut Talisman

I’ve had several people buy the Exalted Venus conjunct Fomalhaut Talisman who were either visiting San Miguel de Allende or live here like I do. When I handed them their talisman, I told them I’d love it if they let me know if they had any results. They have! I’m excited to share some of their stories with you.

Lastest Reports

⚜️ One woman was upgraded to the master suite at the hotel she was staying on the day she purchased the talisman. Talk about luxury! The room included a clawfoot tub, a perfect expression for Venus in Pisces!

⚜️ More than one person has reported receiving much more attention than usual, and from both men and women.

⚜️ A fifty-something woman was out to dinner with a male friend when an older man approached the table and advised the male friend not to let this one get away. The older man then proceeded to articulate how gorgeous the woman was. 🤭

⚜️ A person reported a swarm of bees appearing at the hacienda she was staying at when she bought the talisman. The bees only swarmed a few hours right outside her room’s window, vanishing as mysteriously as they had appeared. Bees correspond to Venus.

⚜️ One person was ushered backstage at an event when a person working the event looked at her and said: “You look like you belong here.” She did belong there, but this was the first time something like this happened. One of the benefits Venus brings is a sense of belonging.

I too have had results from wearing the Venus talisman. Like the others, I’ve received more attention and compliments than usual which feels a little strange and a lot of lovely. But the greatest result so far has been a deep feeling of serenity and inner peace. It’s very noticeable and welcome by me. In addition, my creativity is increasing! I often dream of Venus. In my dreams she gives me ideas for new projects which all relate to her. I’m delighted by this relationship to the Goddess of Beauty and Love.

I look forward to collecting more results when the talismans are delivered in June!