Everything is always working for us

In Judgement (or Awakening as other decks call it) we understand that everything was always working for us, that we were never alone, and that if it hadn’t happened exactly as it did, we wouldn’t be here now: woke and dripping with gratitude. It’s no surprise that Pluto rules Judgement. Pluto’s principles are the shadow. Here we find the processes of breakdown, destruction, and then the impulse towards transformation and rebirth. We find power, violence, and trauma, and the thrust towards resurrection. In Judgement, we alchemize the shadow into light. Those traumatic experiences that brought us (and our ancestors) down to our knees, transform into our allies. In the long game, they were the exact experiences and people we needed for our soul’s evolution.

In mid August, I will be leading a group of 40 women with individual astro-tarot readings. Judgement shows up reversed for me this month as I’ll be guiding them through their own darkness and light. I’ll be stepping into The Lovers by providing a compassionate reflection of the gifts they have to offer and the challenges they’ve yet to alchemize into their skillset. The Lovers often appear when there’s a harmonious union of kindred spirits, whether it be a lover, friend, client, or family member. At its core, The Lovers opens a portal for loving connection to come through; we decide to go through or not. I appreciate that this card is ruled by Gemini: the pollinator and disseminator of ideas of the zodiac. It sweetly joins Judgement reversed in a month that I’m so, so looking forward to.