Full Moon in Libra: Fault Lines Exposed

CST—Tuesday night’s full moon illuminates the fault lines in our relationships. In Libra, we focus on harmony, balance, and justice. Where are we not getting our needs met? Where have we compromised too much? Are we asking for too much? The Full Moon in Libra asks us to find the middle ground that brings more ease in our relationships and greater peace in our lives.

Ruled by Venus who’s having to make do inside a malefic enclosure (a Mars/Saturn sandwich by trine), this Libra lunation may have us feeling as though we’re at our rope’s end. Adding to the intensity, Mars squares Uranus earlier in the day. Coming off his conjunction with Saturn, our ability to get what we desire (Mars) may have felt constricted and frustrated (Saturn). As Mars carries that energy into a square with Uranus, we can experience volatility such as walking off in a huff, cutting people out of our lives, or courageously acting out our truth. Watch out for hair-trigger tempers, barbs you can’t take back, and reactions that you’ll regret later. Uranus wants to liberate some of the stuck energy we’ve been feeling. Exercising, breath-work, or hammering away 8-of-Pentacles style are alternative ways to express it.

The skies are action packed. As Mars squares Uranus, Mercury will be applying to Pluto by sextile. Mercury Pluto always reminds me of Wonder Woman with her lasso of truth—time to speak our fears, resentments, and deepest vulnerabilities. Given the combustible nature of Mars+Uranus, the lasso of truth might be the tide of anger our emotions are riding. Mars & Uranus are both in fixed signs, causing heels to dig in. Remember that compassion can move mountains and trying to see another’s perspective can make an enormous difference in the end result.

As Mercury moves past Pluto and forms a sextile to Jupiter hours later, the supermoon in Libra exacts bringing the biggest and brightest lunation of the year. We’re seeing clearly now, perhaps even a middle ground. Mercury sextile Jupiter opens us to generosity of spirit and heartfelt words of goodwill. We begin to understand the strengths of our relationship(s) in a new harmonious light. Or maybe it’s time to release one another and travel in the direction towards peace.