Mercury enters Aries: Outspoken and Upfront

Photographed by Juanita Benedicto in downtown Guanajuato

Mercury toweled off from his prolonged swim through Pisces and entered Aries last night under the watch of a swollen Sagittarius Moon. Mercury in Aries communication style is frank and upfront, a welcome departure from the amorphous information haze we’ve experienced in Pisces. Mercury gains strength in his move into Aries which could translate into more direct and clearcut messaging. It might be easier now to make flight changes. I’m hoping the cervical pillow I ordered over a month ago finally moves out of Customs. I imagine that schools, teachers and students—all ruled by Mercury—might be adjusting to a new norm. Most of all, this Mercury is better fit to communicate factual news that we all need now surrounding COVID-19 and the domino effect it’s had on just about every part of our lives.

Mercury travels through Aries until April 27th. Three days before arriving in Taurus, he’ll square Pluto & Jupiter in Capricorn. He’ll take what he learns here when he steps into Taurus and conjuncts Uranus on the 30th. Now combust the Sun, Mercury will be holding onto breakthrough information. Perhaps we’ll learn more about the Jupiter/Pluto discovery when Mercury exits from beneath the beams of the Sun and becomes visible again May 18th.