Full Moon in Libra :: Restoration of peace, harmony and balance

Full Moon in Libra
Photo by Mo from Pexels

April 16, 2022 at 1:54pm Central—Venus entered Pisces on April 5th, and when she did, she greatly improved her ability to bring about Venusian things such as harmony, love, peace, attraction and money.

Since November 5th when she ingressed into Capricorn, Venus has been through quite an endurance test. She spent five months in Saturn ruled signs which meant she had to abide by Saturn’s rules which tend to be more restrictive than her inherent nature. She went through her retrograde cycle which included three intense passes over Pluto. She hung out with Mars for a month as they were traveling at similar speeds which then brought her into a “malefic enclosure” with Mars in her rear-view mirror and Saturn up ahead. I wrote this was like being stuck at an awful party. It’s also like being wedged in front of a adrenalized driver that’s riding your bumper while you’re trying to pass a very slow 18-wheeler on a one-way highway with a bunch of curves.  Finally, relief arrives when you’re able to safely pass the truck and leave the hot rod behind!


Everything changed on April 5th when Venus entered her sign of exaltation, Pisces. Now an honored guest, Venus could let her hair down and submerge into a rose petaled bubble bath. For some of us, the days around the 5th might have found us releasing a great deal of pressure we’d been carrying, like Venus having a good cathartic cry in that bathtub. After her endurance test, she finally had the luxury to examine the blisters, chafing and exhaustion the previous months of keeping her chin up had energetically cost her.

What does Venus have to do with Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra? As the ruler of Libra, she’s also the ruler of this Moon. We can look at her journey for symbolic insight of our own at this time. The Full Moon brings a certain topic of our lives we’ve been struggling with to a zenith at this time especially in relationships. Whereas we may not have have the capacity to deal with it fully until now, this Moon brings deeper insight and illumination. For some of us, we’ll be releasing some part of our lives now to promote greater peace, harmonious relationship and more balance in our lives.

Pluto squaring the Sun and the Moon indicates that events coming to light now can reveal hidden and/or subconscious motivations. For some, there will be deeper understanding of past behaviors and where we’ve disempowered ourselves. The Full Moon in Libra reminds us we’re perfectly capable to choose the option of greater ease and flow.