Full Moon in Leo: The right to follow your own path

Full Moon in LeoFebruary 16, 2022 at 10:56am CST—The chart for Wednesday’s Full Moon in Leo reminds me of the strong Saturnian environment my mother grew up in. With half the sky in Saturn ruled signs: that’s a lot of hard work, tenacity and nose-to-the-grindstone discipline!  Thankfully, we have a courageous and passionate fiery full moon in Leo and Jupiter in empathetic Pisces to balance things out a bit.

Back to my mom…

My mother was raised on a farm in Argentina. She was number seven in a family of fifteen siblings; sixteen if you count the one that died as an infant. As you might imagine: life was hard. My mother woke up before dawn to begin her chores, slept at her desk at school, and worked after sundown to do her part in keeping the farm going. Older sisters raised younger siblings as her beloved yet distant mother cared for the newest addition to the family. The lack of focused warmth from her parents was probably much more painful to the burgeoning brood of children than the severe amount of daily chores they were allotted. But they learned the value of hard work, discipline and self resilience.

Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces 

The family was bound by religion. My mother speaks fondly of how they used to ride the horses to church where her father held an important role. She reminisces wistfully about the family gathering together to read the Bible and sing Christian songs. The hearth of their home burned on faith and devotion, each one of them adding kindling to the fire that kept them warm and connected.

Venus, Mars & Pluto in Capricorn + Mercury, Saturn & Sun in Aquarius

When they were grown, some of my aunts and uncles stayed in Argentina. Their lives consisted of hard work, following tradition and dedication to their goals, not unlike the planets in Capricorn. Many others uprooted their lives to move to the US or Australia. As immigrants, they never quite fit in with cultural norms. There would always be fundamental differences that kept them from feeling 100% at home. I like to think of them as planets in Aquarius: cut from Saturn’s cloth and always on the outside looking in.

Whether it be tiredness from very long workdays on the farm or the terror of going for a driver’s license test in a new country: their faith gave them hope. Here we have Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, providing a benevolent buoy for whatever harsh conditions arose. They were united in their belief which would superimpose upon whatever life experiences continued to differentiate them.

Full Moon in Leo

Where does the Full Moon in Leo fit in? That would be the generation I’m a part of. A generation that puts more emphasis on individuation and the pursuit of following one’s own path & passion (Leo) than the rules of responsibility and familial duty that my mother’s Saturnian upbringing prioritized.  It hasn’t been easy for those of us who have branched off in completely different directions—especially spiritually. It’s been like delicately dismantling a bird’s nest. In fact, stepping away from the rigid fundamentalist interpretations has been quite costly at times.

Seven of Wands

The tarot card associated with this last decan of Leo is the Seven of Wands. Ruled by Mars, this is a gutsy and assertive card where we see a person standing their ground. As a card of Wands, this person battles for their rights while holding on to their point of view which fuels their verve and spirit. When this card appears in a reading, it often indicates standing up for oneself. Despite the naysayers and criticism, it encourages boldness and holding true to one’s values. Dissension and criticism may cut and burn, but scars fade as character is forged.


My mother’s history is a part of my own. I know the value of hard work and discipline because of her. Like her, I’m also deeply rooted in my spirituality which is a guiding beacon in my life. It’s just a different spirituality than her’s. Perhaps my mother’s story gave me the courage to pursue a path I can stand behind.

The takeaway here is that we are all connected to our past that laid a foundation of tradition and expectation. This Full Moon in Leo encourages us to be true to ourselves and to fight for our right to feel lit up and animated about something. Look to your Leo house for clues on where that might be.