Gemini Season: The pace picks up

Image by Danish illustrator Kay Rasmus Nielsen

The Sun lights up the mutable air sign of Gemini from May 20 to June 19. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Gemini, the pace picks up. We’re feeling more social and a desire to get out and about. With the sky shifting into a mutable concentration, we’re wise to travel lightly and not become attached to outcomes.

Gemini, like Mercury himself, is a tricky sign to fully grasp. My favorite Gemini is my grandmother. She had so many curious parts to her: trickster, herb encyclopedia, traveler, story teller. We would sleep outside when she visited, like she did at her home which was filled with the uncaged birds she lived with. I would fall asleep as she created worlds from the places she had visited: Rome, Kenya, the Florida Coast. During the day, we would walk barefoot in the canyon where she would teach me all about the flowers and grasses, picking some to eat on our explorations. I was Tom Sawyer to her Huckleberry Finn with one Chiron Return between us. As I learned astrology, she became my archetype for one version of Gemini: free & inquisitive, like a playful wind that breezes between the nooks and crannies of every experience, tincturing just enough of it to carry its essence in a story file. Like Gemini, she was perennially young despite the tapestry of lines that formed around a forever smiling face and easy laugh.

With an emphasis in Gemini, our ability to adapt and take a meandering path will serve not only this month, but in the next 18 months as we experience eclipses across the Gemini/Sag axis. This mobilizing reset in the sign of the twins gives us a preview of the themes the eclipses will have us working on.