New Moon: The Gemini Campground is packed

May 22, 2020 at 12:39pm Central—We’re really feeling the Gemini part of our charts at this time as not only are the Sun and Moon there, but Venus, Mercury and the North Node have pitched their tents as well. I can picture them roasting marshmallows, swapping stories from the sky while they speculate about this New Moon, the latest arrival to pitch her tent in the Gemini campground.

The Sun speaks first, mentioning the lunation’s trine to Saturn. We—he speaks of himself and the Moon—trine Saturn who favors diligence and accountability right now. Long term planning will pay off. Our trine in Air signs believe we should exercise responsible and cautious socializing right now.

Venus is sitting on Mercury’s lap (Ruler of this New Moon), both of them a little tipsy and swelling with encouragement from their square to illusionist Neptune. They speak in rose-colored platitudes as they giggle in each other’s ear. “Let’s break bread and celebrate. The night is young and full of terrors!” Neptune snorts from his square in Pisces.

The Moon will encounter Mars next. Separating from Sun/Saturn and applying to Mars can show a situation worsening. Whereas Saturn gave us social distancing, Mars in Pisces might give us a mutated virus which the Moon then carries on to his next rendezvous: Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and socializing.

Mercury is coming up on his retrograde in Cancer this time next month right around the time Venus stations direct and Mars enters Aries for a six month stay. Last time Mercury retrograded in a water sign, COVID-19 was brought to the world’s attention. Given this lunation’s sky script, it’s a smart idea to play it safe and keep exercising social distancing. The night is young and full of terrors.