Jupiter square Neptune: Why not me?

What if Cinderella was every character in her story? Her three ugly step sisters were simply manifestations of her own lack of confidence, procrastination tendencies, and obsessive comparisons keeping her locked in meaningless routines and soul numbing drudgery. Her absent father: a lack of commitment to cultivate and nurture her unique gifts. The glass slippers: her innate promise. And what if her Fairy Godmother represented her own ability to midwife her fantastical potential to life?

In this story, Jupiter square Neptune⁠—donning the robes of a Fairy Godmother⁠—dives beneath the surface story of lack and limitation to swim in the intoxicating imagination of a dream-come-true vision. Jupiter-Neptune asks, Why not me? What if I believed in myself so strongly that my inner conviction began building the bridges to opportunities and people that led me to my happily ever after? What if I understood the rules of this waking dream so thoroughly, that I could trip the system like a lucid Magician… and the first rule is BELIEVE?

Tomorrow’s third and final square of Jupiter and Neptune asks us to dream the impossible dream Fairy Godmother style. On the heels of a heroic Mars trine breakthrough Pluto, Here’s a chance to 100% believe in ourselves and have faith in our vision. To know that someday soon, “rainbows will come smiling through” and Prince Charming is just around the corner.