Mars trine Pluto & Badassary

Today’s Mars trine Pluto offers us the opportunity to show up as a major player in our lives. Here’s where we take courageous steps to break through whatever has been holding us back. Mars-Pluto grants a reservoir of strength, a You Can Do It attitude. This is when we finally dare to dynamically forge through that daunting Next Steps list or sign up for a course that is a bit out of our budget.

I was reading best seller author and “motivational cattle prod” Jen Sincero this morning. This passage in “You are a Badass at Making Money” is a perfect example of Jen’s Mars trine Pluto moment. She writes: “The knowledge that I could be doing so much better, but wasn’t, finally became so unbearable that I got off my butt and made the hell-bent-for-glory decision to get over my fear and loathing of money and figure out how to make some. And to let myself do it in a way that maybe wasn’t perfect…instead of clinging to the easy out of being unsure. There was no thunderclap ‘aha’ moment; I didn’t narrowly escape dying in a grease fire or get dumped by the love of my life for being such a loser or have some big ‘snap out of it’ epiphany. I just suddenly couldn’t take listening to myself complain anymore. I just finally woke up. Which is how the desire to make massive change kicks in for most people.” Jen began investing in creating a business, her website, and courses to bring her best game forward. It was a game changer for her.

Mars trine Pluto: the desire for massive change. The moment you get tired of the excuses and decide to start investing the next steps, for real. This is when we dig deep, flex those soul muscles and PUSH the vision. Use it wisely!

Art by Eilidh McMillan