Mars enters Capricorn

February 16, 2020—Mars dismounted from his adventurous ride through Sagittarius and entered his sign of exaltation, Capricorn.  If Mars in Sag spent his time conjuring up best case scenarios, Mars in Capricorn focuses on one of those goals and plots out the steps to get there with post-its, deadlines, and accountability buddies. He’s a highly capable project manager: decisively making plans, articulating them, eliminating waste & excess, and meeting his deadlines.

Window of opportunity

If we factor in the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces which can throw a wrench in our plans requiring a patience and/or reworking of a strategy, this focused, disciplined, and performance-oriented Mars gives us a productive window of time from February 16 to March 30 to make some real progress on a goal or project. Think back to the last time Mars was in Capricorn—March 17 through May 15 of 2018—to get an idea of the part of life that will be energized for you again.

We’ll also want to keep an eye out on February 25th when Mars conjuncts the South Node. This can be a time of feeling as though we’re leaking energy or the drive to keep on going. Perhaps some of us will be saying goodbye to a part of our lives in order to greet the still unformed future. Yet another way this energy can play out is a deeply felt spiritualizing influence where we tap into our inner resolve for our wellspring of power.


My ambassador for Mars in Capricorn is Robert Pattinson. Just like this Mars, Robert is measured and organized, willing to tenaciously go after what he wants in a collected yet ambitious manner. Given his strategic choices in the roles he has selected ever since brooding Vampire Edward in Twilight, he’s transformed himself into a versatile and highly respected actor. The Guardian observes that “Robert Pattinson has quietly become one of Britain’s best actors”. Another Mars in Cap quality Pattinson exemplifies is the willingness to work hard. In a recent interview with Variety, he shared that he prefers to live on a movie set and that he enjoys working. He’s actually restless when not working as he doesn’t want to loose momentum.

Once that Mars in Capricorn starts climbing, there’s a gravitational pull to reach the heights of success. It will be interesting to see how Pattinson’s choices (Batman) continue to shape his rise in both respect and masterful performances. Given the Uranus transit through Taurus coupled with Pattinson’s placements of the Sun, Rising, and Mercury in Taurus, I’d wager he will continue to surprise us with breakthrough performances. With that Mars in Capricorn: he’s wired for ambition and he’s not afraid to work for it!

Image by @replaceface