Big Hearted Full Moon in Leo

1:33am CentralThis month’s Full Moon at 22° Leo encourages us to pump our chest and swing across the jungle Tarzan-style in at least one part of our lives.  Get your rope ready because the skies are full of encouragement this moment, galvanizing us into the spotlight if we want it. With Venus’ recent entry into Aries, we’re emboldened to self-advocate, cut through the competition, the excuses, and the lethargy in order to seize an opportunity that’s been waiting for us.

With Chiron conjunct Venus, we might first need to face old wounds before we self promote. Whether it be imposter syndrome, feeling as though we’re never noticed, or just plain unlucky, Mars extends a little push over the Chiron speed bump with his friendly trine to the Moon saying: You Can Do This.  Mars in Sag trine the Moon in Aries is a recipe for spicy courage and an audacious rebel yell.  

Speaking of rebels: This Full Moon and Mars form a grand trine with dwarf planet Eris, Warrior Queen and royal party disrupter. Be on the lookout for stories of righteous anger, vindicated justice, and disenfranchised activism.  I’ve been keeping my eye on the controversy surrounding Oprah’s Book Club’s unfortunate choice of American Dirt for the latest book selection which is the *perfect* example of the energies behind this trine. 

Whether you’re putting your name in a hat, applying for a dream job, asking for a promotion or someone’s hand in marriage, this big-hearted Full Moon in Leo trine a ballsy Mars in Sagittarius is just right blend of aplomb and panache for a good swing across the jungle. You Can Do This!

Image by Blythe