Venus enters Aries

On Friday, Venus leaves her sign of exaltation in Pisces and gets her hustle on in fiery Aries. If Venus in Pisces is a scented love letter, Venus in Aries is a poetry slam. In Aries, Venus is independently oriented and driven to pioneer her own destiny. Just like The Little Red Hen, she gets restless waiting for others to step up to the plate making her expiration date for waiting a short one. In a Cardinal sign, she feels comfortable making the first move; and even if she doesn’t, her discomfort doesn’t stop her. Things to watch out for: acting impulsively in relationships, burning a hole through your wallet, and romantic boredom. Things to appreciate: animal magnetism, a take-charge attitude, likes a challenge.

My choice for ambassador for Venus in Aries is the unusually high number of clients I saw last summer who had this placement in their charts. Over and over again, these women worked with their Venus by learning how to advocate for themselves. Many of them had endured challenging childhoods and/or abusive relationships. Their Venus encouraged them to learn to fight for themselves, building a fortress of dignity around their spirit in a harsh and limited environment. Just like Rosa Parks (pictured above), not compromising initiated justice not just for them, but those dependent on them to be strong.

Traditionally, Venus in Aries is said to be in her Detriment. She’s playing by Mars’ rules which is doing whatever it takes to promote one’s own interests. Venus functions to unite people and to harmonize relations so putting herself first can feel as though she’s going against her own nature. But as Mars’ guest, this Venus learns to take care of herself first so that in doing so—in the best case scenario—she has the capacity to extend her Whole Self to others.

Venus will grace the sign of Aries from February 7th to March 4th. She’ll flex her muscles as she makes a challenging square to Pluto on 2/28 and one to Saturn on 3/3 as she wraps up her tour in Aries.

Image of civil rights activist Rosa Parks whose Venus in Aries emboldened her to refuse to give up her bus seat. Image credit