Mercury enters Pisces

Mercury left the cerebral terrain of Aquarius and splashed into the wondrous water world that is Pisces on February 3rd. A persistent, faint sorrow can haunt this placement. Oftentimes this delicate melancholy becomes instrumental in creating inspirational prose (Maya Angelou) or penetrating song (Billie Holiday & Nina Simone). Mercury in Pisces has a well inside that’s made of all the world’s pain and all of the world’s joy expressed in infinite tears. It can be heavy to hold this well until the native learns to share it with others. Even then, like Kurt Cobain, expression is not enough.

Once upon a time, I was told that the world we live in doesn’t value the gifts Mercury in Pisces has to offer. I suppose it’s true when we think of banks, commerce, data and other Mercurial things. Mercury is said to be in his Fall and Detriment in Pisces. But this Mercury is made for something else very valuable: hope and a generosity of spirit. I remember listening to my father’s single of “Eleanor Rigby” over and over in a corner when I was around 5, 6 and 7 thinking of all the lonely people… where do they all come from? My own Mercury in Pisces swelled with compassion for the lonely people. If we lived in a world that valued kindness, Mercury in Pisces (Mr. Rogers) would have an advantage.

Ruled by Jupiter, Mercury in Pisces people are drawn to the arts and wired for spirituality. The mutable messenger’s superpower is shape shifting. The Pisces can chameleon into any sort of environment, understanding minds quite different from their own. There’s a felt sympathy that make this placement amenable to healing: whether it be shamanic or a more traditional counseling route. Jupiter-ruled Mercury in this watery sign of Pisces, is a kind shepherd and a warm blanket out of the dryer on a cold night. And yes: it’s also delusion, confusion, escapism, and smoke & mirrors. Pick your own adventure.


Due to traveling retrograde, Mercury will extend his stay in Pisces this year.  His itinerary includes:

  • Stationing retrograde February 16
  • Briefly revisiting Aquarius March 4-8
  • Stationing direct on the 9th
  • Crossing back over the border into Pisces on the 16th.
  • On April, he will dry off when he enters fiery Aries.

Pro tip for retrogrades: don’t buy anything mechanical, invest in technology, sign important documents, or make traveling arrangements during the dates when Mercury is stationing (plus or minus 3 days).  When Mercury slows down, we don’t want to invest in the things that he rules such as commerce, documents, technology, communication and travel. You can research a purchase—read over Consumer Reports or car reviews, for instance—just don’t commit to an actual purchase.  Many people believe the entire retrograde is wonky; it’s not. Just the days when Mercury is near its station.

Image by Eric Tecce