Mars Enters Sagittarius

January 3, 2020—Mars leaves his rulership in Scorpio to “run like the wind to be free again” in Sagittarius. This Mars has adventure on his mind. And if not adventure, then the freedom to roam, see, be, believe, DO anything.

To me, Mars in Sag feels like The Prodigal Son, a parable in the Bible about two sons: the elder one stays home and the younger one goes out into the Wide Wide World to seek his fortune and squander his inheritance. Growing up, I always identified with the younger son. He wasn’t the type to stick around home on the range where the deer and the antelope play. He wanted to explore and to make his own fortune. So he takes off and we hear of him keeping company with the dregs of society, drinking, cavorting, and shamelessly losing all his money. In the end, he comes home destitute and begging his father’s forgiveness for being such a loser. I always wanted to re-write that ending because I respected his decision to want more than the privileged position he grew up in and to expand his understanding of the world which is what a Mars in Sagittarius would do.

Back to Mars in Sag in the present day. We look to Jupiter as Mars is in Jupiter’s home: Sagittarius. Jupiter is about as sober and responsible he can be in Capricorn being hosted by Saturn. Perhaps the flavor of this Mars is the globe-trotting, athletically astonishing casanova with fast cars, mesmerizing muscles and a specific agenda in mind, not unlike the fictional character, James Bond. We see the masculinity (Mars) amplified (Sag) yet mission oriented and wearing expensive suits (ruler in Capricorn) being given marching orders by M/Saturn. Mars will be in Sagittarius until February 16th. Roam, be free, and use a stunt double if necessary.

Image by @ReplaceFace of Daniel Craig, my favorite James Bond