Mars & Mercury square Uranus: Watch for Heat of the Moment moments

Mercury—stopped in his tracks—gets bumped by Mars today in strong-willed Leo. Stationed Mercury + Mars + Leo has all the makings for letting our tempers get the better of us. It’s a loaded gun environment where righteous anger and challenged egos hurl words they’ll regret tomorrow. In fixed signs, nobody wants to budge into compromise. This is heat of the moment stuff where we might feel tempted to tell someone off and/or throw down an ultimatum. Be on the watch for over-reactions, either in yourself or others. Mars and Mercury will be squaring Uranus which can escalate hot-headed situations like gas on a fire.

If you feel anger bubbling within the “pain body” (#EckartTolle) wanting to surge out like dragon fire today, recognize that you have a choice. You can use today’s energy to your advantage. Mars + Mercury + Uranus can be the assertive combination of standing up for oneself or loved ones, but in a way that draws boundaries, not ultimatums. Look to spell out your position or to ask for clarification and then ask for time to respond. If you’re able to step out of the ego and skillfully communicate what needs to be said, Mars + Mercury + Uranus will help you deliver information in a way that eliminates passiveness and hesitance.

Illustration by @andywestface