Things heat up as Mars squares Uranus

Ho boy. Things heat up today, and that’s saying a lot when we’re in eclipse season, Mercury and Chiron have just stationed retrograde, and our personal planets have been filing through the North Node and opposing their Majesty Saturn + Pluto sitting on the throne of the South Node. Some of us have been dealing with reality checks, imposter syndrome, over commitment and power struggles. As Mars in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus (both fixed signs), today could feel like the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s the “I just can’t do this anymore” buildup that threatens to crack us or at least reveal out fault lines. Even though the temptation might be great, today is not the day to engage in impulsive decision making. We will regret heroic gestures of breaking free. Reckless behavior will bite us in the ass once we get to August.

That said, if we have a grip on our situation and we’re acting consciously, Mars square Uranus can be that sudden breakthrough and push towards freedom. For instance, the day Mars squared Uranus in May of 2018, I handed in my resignation at a highly respected science research institute. The pressure to architect my own life had been building for awhile and it hit a peak the moment I decided to leave a great job for doing astrology full time. This square provided the courage I needed to trust that taking a chance on myself was the right choice. It fueled my confidence while overriding my fear. I’m so glad I left that job… but I needed the surge of “Shit, I’m going for it” that some of us will feel today.

Bottom line: know yourself. If you’re responding from a place of confidence and integrity, the energy today might be the push the Universe gives you like a mama bird urging its fledgling out of the nest. If not: sit tight. This too shall pass.