Sun stands opposite Pluto: Processing shadow

“In dreams begin responsibility.” ~William Butler Yeats.

Perhaps it’s the Moon conjunct Jupiter as I write this, but I believe we can have everything we dream of. We just have to know what we want, exactly, and what we’re willing to let go of in order to make room for our dream to take root and grow.

June and July have been moving us closer to realizing our dreams by confronting us with our fears, our responsibilities, and our power. Through Mercury, we’ve been looking at the things we tell ourselves. Perhaps we can rewrite some outdated scripts that were formed as defense mechanisms we no longer need defending from. Mars has asked us—quite powerfully in a square to Uranus—how do we assert our authentic selves and go after the life that we deserve? What’s blocking us from using our muscle wholeheartedly? How do we sabotage ourselves back into the safety of our routines that offer no real space for our dreams?

Today the Sun stands opposite Pluto offering us the opportunity to process our shadow. Part of us would prefer to project that shadow onto other people and circumstances; it’s safer to do that than to realize our full potential. But just like the woman loosely bound in the 8 of Swords, we can remove the blindfold and the victim-mentality wrapping the that has kept us safe and swaddled in our own ignorance. These transits may be tough medicine, but ultimately they’re here to control-burn what we need to release and break us free from soul-numbing stagnation.

We can work with this. Venus—The Fixer—will make her own pass at Saturn on the 17th and Pluto on the 19th. She carries connection, love and balance in her medicine bag. She’s looking for harmonious resolution of our values. We can help her by 1) practicing non-attachment and 2) focusing on our dream. When the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd, the contractions will be over. So let’s take advantage of this week’s energy and push towards aligning with the life we deserve.

Art by @lacabezaenlasnubes