Six of Cups, Four of Pentacles, and the Six of Swords holding space for Eclipse Season

There’s a karmic story that began its unfolding last summer when our Capricorn/Cancer axis came into focus with a Solar Eclipse in Cancer. The Six of Cups found some of us reaching for emotional fulfillment and the desire to be whole—a new start. There was a sense of hope and nostalgic embrace of the past believing that certain people and events were part of our destiny. We could recover, heal, and move on. We could do it better this time. Perhaps we committed to a path, somewhat tentatively, to see where it would go.

The Four of Pentacles finds us holding on, protecting ourselves, perhaps wary of rocking the boat. As we moved into this summer’s eclipse season, we were confronted with inner and outer turbulence asking us: Is this it? Can I let go? What would it look like if I walked away and into the direction of my highest integrity? The transformative force of Pluto confronts us with our shadow, our secrets, and our deepest desires, leading us by a reluctant hand to face some hard truths. Saturn reminds us that our time here is limited: is this how we want to spend it? The Four of Pentacles advises to check for scarcity mindset. Are we afraid that this is as good as it gets? That if we let him/her/it/theJob go, that we’ll lose? Has a false sense of security gripped on to our ability to do what’s most aligned with our “soft animal body to love what it loves”? Today’s Lunar Eclipse wants to know.

Where do we go from here? The Six of Swords leads us to the next Solar Eclipse on December 26 when we’ll have a New Moon in Capricorn and a new start to set our sights on. The sixes show recovery from the contraction of the fives. In summer of 2018, we were working towards wholeness of the relationships and our emotional well-being (6Cups). December will see us working with our perspective(s). Perhaps some of us will be moving on or at least making adjustments to face the hard truths, insecurities, and soft spots that we’re working with now. This is the Six of Swords, inviting us to move on from the things that hold us back, and to accept transition as a natural part of life.

These words won’t resonate with everyone—they aren’t meant to. But if they do with you, be kind to yourself. Accept where you’re at. We’re all learning and trying the best as we can as we do this Earthly pilgrimage.