Mercury enters Pisces

The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse
The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse

Mercury joins the Sun, Neptune and Venus in the Pisces jacuzzi. This is quite a switch for Mercury who is leaving his extended stay in cool, collected and cerebral Aquarius to now speak of feelings, dreams and imaginative speculation. I imagine these planets conversing to one another in images, painting in words, creating unusual connections and parallels as they pass the pipe between them while giving each other foot rubs. Mercury doesn’t discriminate with his usual precision in Pisces. Here s/he feels free to ride Jupiter’s horse without a saddle and without a destination.

A persistent, faint sorrow can haunt Mercury in Pisces. Oftentimes this delicate melancholy becomes instrumental in creating breathtaking passages out of words (Maya Angelou) or with penetrating song and lyrics (Billie Holiday & Nina Simone). Mercury in Pisces has a well inside that can feel all the world’s pain and all of the world’s joy. It can be heavy to hold this well until the native learns to share it with others (Mr. Rogers). Even then, like Kurt Cobain, expression is not enough.

Ruled by Jupiter, Mercury in Pisces people are drawn to the arts and wired for spirituality. The Pisces can chameleon into any sort of environment, understanding minds quite different from their own. This placement also lends itself towards magic. In Christian Astrology, Lilly writes that Mercury in Pisces or Sagittarius makes [wo]men given to magic…”. When planets are debilitated—like Mercury is in Pisces—their strengths can show up in other ways. We live in a culture that rewards the strategic and whip-smart mentat mind with standardized tests that reflect this bias. Mercury in Pisces right-brained emphasis lends itself to the magical field as well as to another country: one that’s saturated in poetry and longing.

Mercury enters Aries April 3rd. Enjoy the break from regular programming