Mercury enters razzle dazzle Leo

Mercury left the womb-like sauna of Cancer and entered sun splashed Leo yesterday. Have you ever gone to open mic night and really really wanted to get up there and share your story about That Time When You Did That Thing but your fear of flopping kept you in your seat? Well, when Mercury enters Leo, the self-protective gravitational force that has held you down suddenly lifts and like magic, there you are on stage, in the spotlight, sharing your shine. Especially on a day like today, with the Sun sextile Uranus offering a bit of fairy dust and pizzazz. Uranus high fives any behavior that sees you taking authentic risks and putting yourself out there.

Hecklers in the audience? Probably not. But with the Sun in Cancer squaring Chiron in Aries, you may hear your own insecurities playing right alongside your stand up, not unlike the control room microphone issue at last night’s #DemDebate2020 where the voices in your head get in the way of your Sunshine Unicorn Flow. But hey, it’s ok! Mercury in Leo loves collecting stories and this experience of putting yourself out there could very well become food for future story fodder. Ánadale!

Art by @the99thstudio