Neptune: Driven towards the Divine

“First there was the song. Then the song was God. Then I was the song. Then I was God.” -An attempt to describe the effect of an icaro during an ayahuasca ceremony.

Happy Solstice! Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces today as well. Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, seeks to unify on a cosmic level. There’s a certain sorrow to Neptune, a nostalgic memory of a primordial womb where there was no separation. Neptune forever propels us to return to this felt sense of home deep within ourselves where there is no ego that separates one life form from another. This home is pure consciousness itself. Neptune’s language is the sacred geometry from which synchronicity and magic unravel, perfuming our ethereal bodies and dreamscapes, leading us by intuition and psychic impulses. We find that truly, we are all one. In this acknowledgement, deep love, understanding, and compassion arise.

We can go on a journey with Neptune through profound spiritual experiences, consciousness expanding tools, meditation, a practice of kindness, and through surrender. Less effective pilgrimages are through mind numbing experiences that basically transform us into walking ghosts and empty husks. Here we find escapism through drugs, alcohol, or media binging. Deception (either by self or by someone else) and living an illusion is another way dark Neptune can play out as we seek to reconnect to cosmic bliss. With the huge compassion component, there can be a Savior/Martyr complex as well.

When Neptune is strong in our charts natally, or by progression or transit, we seek a higher meaning to our existence. We’re driven towards divine union, transcendent experiences, and steeping in states of bliss. So what to say? Choose your Neptune experience wisely.

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