Planets in Transit: Mars oppose Saturn

Should I go to my daughter’s swim meet or skip it to finish a deadline on time? These are the questions Mars oppose Saturn asks, especially a Mars in Cancer (nurturing, family, sensitive) and a Saturn in Capricorn (ambitious, disciplined, cautious). In an opposition, there’s usually not a a blending but a compromise. And when Mars is in a sign where he’s sluggish and bloated and Saturn is totally ripped, the scales tip in the favor of hard work, responsibility, and duty on this one.

On a much larger (and darker) perspective, the human rights abuses in Sudan embody this energy as well. Peaceful civilian protesters (Mars in Cancer) are being whipped, raped, executed, and tossed in the Nile by the militant regime (Saturn in Capricorn), who at this point holds the power and wants to keep it that way. Even though the violence began on June 3rd, the news is finally spreading due to social media and influencers (Neptune). As Mars opposes Saturn today, both planets are receiving a trine from Neptune in Pisces, communicating to the collective the suffering of our brothers and sisters⁠—we are all one⁠—via social platforms and celebrities.

It’s likely the cosmic weather we’re feeling today is a preview for what’s coming up as we move into eclipse season. The eclipses in July will be activating the Cancer-Capricorn axis. In our own lives we might be seriously weighing responsibilities vs nurturing, work-life balance, and what we do for duty vs for passion. Some of us may be wish to throw in the towel at work to dedicate more time to the side gig we love if only we could figure out how to pay the bills. In tv land: I don’t have access to #HandmaidsTale here in Mexico, but I imagine the story’s themes are scripted right along the Cancer-Cap backbone.

At any rate, give yourself extra cushion today for some heavy feelz, frustration, power plays and blocks. We’re all doing our best and today we might have to try a little harder.

Art by @nouriflayhan of Alaa Salah, a 22 year old architecture student in Khartoum who has become symbolic of the protest movement.