New Moon 16° Leo 14′

Sunday’s New Moon is the soul searching Part II of a three part concerto entitled “Moving On”.

Part I

Last newsletter I wrote that Part I of this concerto was themed by the Aquarian Full Moon setting out on a journey of self discovery. This voyage meant leaving the known to forge our way into an uncertain future. This first lunation encouraged us to recognize the comfort-seeking patterns that disempower us and then set boundaries that honor our integrity.  For some of us, this meant leaving the herd, however “herd” translates in our own scenarios.

Part II

The New Moon in Leo begins the second movement of our concerto. This lunation draws on the bounty of what makes us special. It calls our inner hero to rise. But in order to do that, the Sun had to stand in opposition to Saturn the beginning of the month so that we would know the constraints and limits we’re working under. The stand-off to Saturn is an annual reality check. During this time certain questions arise such as “Am I still on track?” “Am I getting the recognition I desire?” “Am I hitting my goals?” “Where’s the balance between achievement, responsibility and effort?”

Soon after, the Sun trined Chiron. Now Chiron always serves to make us whole, but the journey to wholeness involves embodying the gift that’s held for us in our wounding. Perhaps this friendly conversation with Chiron revealed to us our dubious track of stories that trigger contorted reactions. We’re ready to retire these patterns as they dim our light these days.

Then two days later, the Sun’s square to Uranus might have generated a restlessness, the kind that promotes a brave leap forward or taking a risk. It’s these mid-air moments—when we’ve let go of one brass ring to grab the other—that we’re fully present, authentic and free.

The New Moon

The New Moon in Leo has all these elements baked into it: Saturn’s reality check, Chiron’s medicinal gift if we can see through our own wounded filters and the liberating push of Uranus. It’s within this matrix that the heroic New Moon in Leo seeds its intentions. In addition, nearby Jupiter in aspecting Aquarius serves as a cosmic Miracle Grow for these fiery seeds. This moon is the moment in a Disney movie where the hero recognizes their own power, the music cues and the solo builds into a crescendo of glorious self affirmation.

The Lord of Victory

The tarot card associated with this New Moon in Leo is the Six of Wands.  Known as The Lord of Victory this card often appears when we’re finally being recognized by our community for our gifts and talents. Clients and partners are seeking us out. Our reputation is rising. It’s a great image to hold in mind even if it’s not our immediate experience. If we can energetically soak in this laudatory vibe, fill ourself with promise and from this place plant our intentions, we will begin to attract what we emanate. It’s always an inside job, isn’t it?

Even though we’re still in the midst of uncertainty and change, there’s a feeling of dawning hope. Leo is a fire sign and if fire signs burn with a boldness that radiates inspiration that settles into wisdom.