New Moon in Aries :: A doorway to healing

Aries New Moon 2022April 1, 2022 at 12:25am San Miguel de Allende—The Moon begins a new cycle the end of the week at 11° Aries 31′ as she returns to the Sun. In a cardinal sign, the impulse is for brave beginnings and bold responses. Aries spans the part of our charts where we’re perpetually motivated to begin anew.  For instance, we can look to our Aries house to answer the question: “You’re never too old to __________________.” 


Conjunct Chiron, themes of rejection, otherness and wounding are embedded in the DNA of this New Moon. Some of us may be opening a door at this time that invites bruised perspectives formed in the past to revive themselves in a present starring role. As Jung so eloquently said: “Until you make your unconscious conscious, it will direct you and you will call it fate.”  It’s only when we consciously work with our triggers and painful conditioning that we realize our power to rewrite the script.

Chiron holds the archetype of wounding and exile; but he also became known for his teaching, healership and wisdom.  Just like in life, our pain is often the doorway to our healing. The wisdom-making journey it takes us on often reveals the inherent power we’ve always held. Our potential was simply waiting to be activated by just the right experiences, people and time.  Life often reengages original wounding to give us the opportunity to acknowledge and release it. In the process, we renew ourselves.

Fools Rush In

Mars is the ruler of this new moon in Aries.  In the cardinal-fire energy Aries, the impulse is to act quickly and to take measures into our own hands. Aries is an energetic, self-starter whose actions can feel heroic.  But we should take note of Mars, the ruler of the New Moon chart. Mars is separating from a conjunction with a dignified Saturn in Aquarius.  So even though the first impulse may be to push forward, Saturn would ask that we take a few deep breaths before asserting ourselves.

Furthermore, Mercury is combust the Sun. When a planet is very close to the Sun like Mercury is now, they are compromised. It’s as if you or I were trying to work under a hot noonday Sun: the conditions weaken us so we can’t do our best. Since Mercury rules communication among other things, his diminished condition means that we may simply not have all the information we need to make an informed decision at this time.

As we open doorways and configure intentions during the next few months, the signatures in this New Moon chart advise us to monitor impatience and reckless action. Waiting, double-checking and reflecting until we can take mature and responsible action will serve us at this time.