Mercury in March 2022

Drawing Knotted in the Manner of a Net
Image: Drawing Knotted in the Manner of a Net (1920) by Paul Klee (☿ in Sag). Original from The MET Museum. Public Domain.

Mercury ☿ changes domiciles three times this month. He begins March in the sign of Aquarius, zips through Pisces, and then enters Aries at the end of the month. Let’s look at Mercury through the lens of these three signs.

Mercury’s role

How do we express ourselves? Take a look at Mercury. In our charts, Mercury speaks to how we process, interpret and disseminate information.  I like to think that the Moon is akin to our reptilian brain, responsible for overall sense impressions and feelings of safety and belonging. Mercury is more like the frontal lobe, translating the Moon’s gut-sense reactions into decision-making, problem solving and communication.  If the Moon on-ramps emotions, Mercury finds the right cognitive lane for them to express appropriately.

☿ in Aquarius

February 14 to March 9, 2022—In the fixed air sign of Aquarius, Mercury is motivated by ideas of shared intelligence. This is a rational Mercury who prioritizes logic and facts. It’s also a “Renaissance Man” or woman who has eclectic interests in a variety of areas making them important contributors who excel in connecting the dots.  Traditionally ruled by Saturn, this non-conforming intellectual doesn’t back down from their opinions to pacify others. Mercury in Aquarius is a well-informed non-conformist.

Mercury in Aquarius plays best with people who can back up their claims with credible sources and understand intelligent references and subtexts in conversation.

Example celebrities include: Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, Kate Middleton, Steve Jobs and Ivana Trump.

☿ in Pisces

March 9 to March 27, 2022—Mercury is said to be in fall and detriment in the sign of Pisces. Yet when planets are debilitated, their strengths can show up in other ways. Consider Maya Angelou and Björk for example with Mercury in Pisces (MA) & Sagittarius (B). Although not the best placement for number crunching or drafting a business plan, Mercury in Jupiter ruled signs—Pisces & Sag—tends to flex a powerfully creative and imaginative muscle.

In Pisces, Mercury can behave like a spider sensing vibrations in her eight legs as she plucks and pulls on her web like a harp. Her web might as well be another sensory organ she scries from.

Just like the spider receives information through vibration, Mercury in Pisces natives are more fluid in the way they know what they know: through gut feelings, emotions, psychic sensations and a big picture web of associations that rorschach an intuitive impression that’s often hard to explain. For this reason, the medium of art, poetry, divination, dream interpretation and music offers itself as a friendly vehicle of expression for Mercury in the mute sign Pisces.

Mercury in Pisces plays best with those who are genuine. Mixed signals confuse Mercury in Pisces as they can feel when what folks say isn’t truly what they mean, do or think.

Example celebrities include: Fred Rogers, Lady Gaga, Heath Ledger, Yoko Ono and Edgar Cayce.

☿ in Aries

March 27 to April 10, 2022—Want an honest opinion?  Ask Mercury in Aries. Ruled by Mars, these natives tend to be direct, precise and not pad their dialogue with diplomatic foreplay. Rather, they get straight to the point, bluntly articulating what others tip toe around.  “The emperor has no clothes!” must have been uttered by a fearless Mercury in Aries. Their clarity and straightforwardness makes them formidable strategists in emergency situations or any environment that needs quick thinking and execution.

Mercury in Aries plays best with those who don’t take their directness personally but see it for what it is: a no frills, straight-up, bold communication style.

Example celebrities include: Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler, Elizabeth II, Mark Zuckerberg, Al Pacino and Victoria Beckham

End of the month connections

Mercury will be making some important connections near the end of the month:

  • March 23: Mercury conjunct Neptune
    Helps us get in touch with our artistic and spiritual sides. Watch out for vague communication or not seeing things clearly.
  • March 26: Mercury sextile Pluto
    Helps us find that needle in the haystack with intense focus. Great for a fact finding mission or getting to the bottom of things.
  • March 27: Mercury enters Aries
    Now’s the time to put our dreams into action. If we spent Mercury in Pisces brain-storming and fantasizing, Mercury in Aries is ready to get down to deliverables.

Image: Drawing Knotted in the Manner of a Net (1920) by Paul Klee (☿ in Sag). Original from The MET Museum. Public Domain.