New Moon in Aries: To thine own self be true

It’s been six months since the New Moon in Aries seeded an impulse to go out and GET IT. Wherever Aries lies in your chart, a little warrior was activated. As the impulse took shape and the warrior grew, they were fed by the summer eclipses and July’s laborious oppositions of the personal planets in Cancer passing through the unyielding gauntlet of Saturn + South Node + Pluto. What could we leave behind? What part of shadow could we alchemize into light?

Now we find ourselves at the Aries Full Moon, a time of revelation and fruition. The journey which began last April reaches its apex. There’s an urge to pull forward into our own lane and secure our freedom. “To thine own self be true” is the mantra our apexed warrior marches to. With Pluto forming a T-square to the Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra, there’s an urgency to get things out in the open, to flex our muscles as we come to some sort of understanding. The things that we’ve swept under the rug or situations we’ve been fearful of can come spewing out at this time like a volcanic eruption. And with the opposition of Venus to Uranus yesterday, we’re primed for sudden changes, shocking departures and unexpected developments in relationships.

If you’ve been teetering on the edge of a relationship or feeling as though you’ve over compromised, this Full Moon in Aries may be just the push you need to address the fairness you desire. Just know that there’s an edge here as the cardinal skies are wet with gasoline. Be careful on lighting that match. On the plus side, the electrified atmosphere might give you the courage to address issues in the relationships that truly need tending to.

Illustration by @stangandspindle