Venus enters the deep and mysterious waters of Scorpio

After weeks of reveling in social engagements, seeking graceful compromise, playing devil’s advocate and honing her aesthetic instincts, Venus takes an exit curtsy out of Libra and joins Mercury in the penetrating waters of Scorpio. In Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars, Venus has a harder time performing her roles of relating, mating and connecting. In fact, she might have a bit of social anxiety and develop allergic reactions to superficial environments where she’s expected to perform in prescribed manners. This Venus is raw, passionate, magnetic and intense. She has psychological depths and is eternally curious as to what makes people tick. Above all, she values truth and loyalty in relationships and has a razor sharp sensor for dishonesty. Hence, she can court drama when she sniffs deception in the air.

Joaquin Phoenix is my choice of ambassador for Venus in Scorpio. His discomfort with the media and social engagements has been well documented. Instead of charming the crowds, he shrouds himself in mystery and enigma which magnetically draws the public to him. The in-depth psychological portrayals of characters he inhabits exemplifies his ability to truly connect with the core of these personalities = Venus in Scorpio. As a method actor, he is raw, instinctive and primal. Joaquin Phoenix not only has his Venus in Scorpio; his Sun and Mars are in there too. How perfect that his surname (Bottom) was changed to Phoenix, one of the three symbols of the sign of Scorpio.

Illustration by @replaceface .