Astro Scene: Construction ahead. . . proceed with caution

Mercury opposes Uranus ushering in breakthrough energy. Perhaps we discover something that changes everything. Mercury in Scorpio is compelled to get to the bottom of things, to walk the shadow and to lift the rug and see what’s been swept under. Uranus is like a lightening bolt that illuminates the sky, and for a second, we see into the dark.

Sun square Saturn often asks us to face issues of confidence and self sabotage. What are we worth? How do we want to be treated? Where are we feeling judged or taken advantage of? What restrictions and rules (Saturn) aren’t working for our sense of balance (Libra) anymore? The Sun in Libra wants peace. But equally important is fairness. This square challenges us to understand our blocks around worthiness and self respect.

Mars oppose Chiron (exact tomorrow) invites us into our spiritual warrior work. We’re kneading our soft spots when it comes to relationships. Mars instinct is to sever and defend; but in Libra, the goal is to self protect in a way that unites and restores peace, which means cultivating perspective of the other’s pov. And here’s the conflict, because Chiron in Aries is hyper identified with his own pain stories and would prefer to walk away without understanding the other side.

In summary, I suppose the bottom line is “the only way to pass a test is to take the test.” Passing here requires taking responsibility for our maturation process (Sun + Saturn) when confronted with breakthrough insights (Mercury + Uranus) that ask us to work with our wounding, patterns, and scripts in a way that promotes harmony and healing (Chiron + Mars).

Illustration by @mikecreighton