Where is my wallet? A question answered with Horary Astrology

I lost my wallet yesterday. The Moon was just separating from Saturn and I was pretty sure I had been pickpockted as Saturn symbolizes thieves among other things. So I cast a horary chart for “Where is my wallet”.

With both the Sun and Moon above the horizon, there was good testimony for recovering my beloved wallet — I’ve had it since Junior High! The chart ruler, Mars, was under the Sun’s beams and in detriment in Libra, 7th House. Mars stood for me: blinded to the situation and perhaps absent minded. The last aspect the Moon made to Saturn showed what had already happened, which made me think my wallet was currently with a thief. But given the condition of Saturn (in Rulership and in an angular house, the 10th), I began to think of other Saturn symbolism. In good condition, Saturn can represent honest and pious people. Perhaps my wallet was in the possession of a good person after all.

The next aspect the Moon would make was to Venus in the 7th, the same house my significator Mars was in. Venus was in an angular house and in her rulership = double good news. In the horary chart, she ruled the 2nd House, Taurus, which stood for my possessions (my wallet). Here was more good testimony that I would recover my wallet. With the Moon at 15° Capricorn and Venus at 26° Libra, I could recover my wallet in 11 hours, days, or months (think of the increment that makes the most sense). The chart was cast at 6:49pm yesterday. My wallet was recovered 11am this morning. A little over 11 hours – but the number 11 was in there!

Where was my wallet? In the trusty possession of the religious woman who owns a popular torta stand I frequent. When I went to pay for yesterday’s torta, I left my wallet on the counter (Me = Mars in detriment + under the beams of the Sun). She saw it after I left, safeguarded it, and returned it to me today intact. Reunited and it feels so good!

Cheers to a dignified Saturn 🥂 .

Illustration by @mohyung