Mars enters Libra: Strike a pose

Have you seen FX’s Pose? It features New York’s ball scene and the LGBT subculture of the late 80’s and early 90’s. I started watching it last night and think it’s great manifestation of Mars in Libra. Mars is the principle of assertion, passion, and self-protection. He’s the archetype of the warrior, a survivor with the primal impulse to act, go after what he wants and defend if necessary. Mars rules Aries: the sign of “me”. In Libra, the sign of “us”, he has a harder time doing what comes natural: fighting, competing, asserting, and defending.

Back to Pose: In the first episode, we learn about Houses. Houses serve two roles: 1) As a surrogate family for LGBTQ individuals that have been rejected by their biological families and 2) as a team that competes in the balls. In the first role, we see the primal instinct (Mars) to connect (Libra); to not be alone, but protected as part of a family team. In the second, the balls are some serious competitions (Mars) that highlight glamour (Libra). Watching through this Mars in Libra lens, there’s a primal and competitive Martial energy that flows through the participants, yet it is corseted within the rules of aesthetics and glamour. To give good face, you Bring It, you conjure up your fierceness, but with beauty first. Mars in Libra.

The photograph to the left is of Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza, my ambassador for the Mars in Libra. He was an icon in the NYC ballroom scene. He was also on the forefront for social justice, his Mars in Libra advocating for HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ organizations. As Father of House Xtravaganza, he took care of younger members by advising, helping them out with bills, and mentoring them. He helped grow the ballroom scene immensely and in 2004, he took the honorary title of House Grandfather. He died in December of last year. A celebration of life was held March 9, 2019 where he was remembered and revered by many. Mayor Bill de Blasio declared the date as “Hector Xtravaganza Day.” I like to think that although traditional astrology considers Mars in Libra to be in its detriment, Grandfather gave face to his Mars spectacularly!

Photo by Brian Lantelme