New Moon in Cancer :: Finding where we belong

New Moon in CancerJuly 9, 2021 at 8:15pm Central—Have you ever followed a friend or family member into the kitchen to get away from the tension building in the other room?  Whether it was a recrudescent feud beginning to raise up like an awakened Scylla or inappropriate jokes and triggering remarks, you sequestered yourself. In the safety of another room with someone you trusted, you could let your guard down while finding friendly reinforcement.

If we look at the New Moon chart, we see that the Moon at 18°01′ Cancer does not see the malefics, Saturn and Mars. By seeing, I mean that she does not make a sign based aspect with them by sextile, trine, square or opposition. It’s as though she’s taking a time-out from their tug-of-war to gather herself, find her grounding, security and support.

Finding our place of belonging

As we know, the beginning of July has been somewhat rough and tumble. The t-square between Mars, Saturn and Uranus might have felt like that tense filled room we no longer wanted to occupy. This new moon in Cancer asks us to find our querencia: the place where we know our deepest selves. Taking leave of the “maddening crowd” might feel risky, but we will find other like-minded people in that kitchen.

In two weeks, a Full Moon in Aquarius—the first of two—will light up the sky. Ruled by Saturn, this lunation will speak to Saturnian topics such as boundaries, limitations, responsibility and reality checks. We would be wise to stock our cupboards under this New Moon with nutrient-rich supports such as people who see us, routines that fulfill us and places where we know our deepest selves.