New Moon in Pisces: Feels like Zugunruhe


February 23, 2020 at 9:32am CST—Before animals migrate, they will feel a new state of restlessness growing stronger within themselves. Wings flutter, sleep is disrupted, and organs atrophy in some birds as their bodies prepare for the unseen journey. There’s a word to describe this: Zugunruhe. Zug is German for migration. Unruhe is anxiety, restlessness.

Zugunruhe describes this New Moon in Pisces. The Yin, mute, watery, and mutable world of Pisces lends itself to a deep, internal knowing where a divine migration is beginning to come online leaving so many of us restless. We’ve been feeling the magnetic pull to let go parts of our lives as we’ve restructured the Capricorn/Cancer axis for two years now.

Perhaps this migration has something to do with the upcoming shift of Earth to Air, density to light, material to thought, essentially a move to higher frequencies. And now, sextiles from Mars & Uranus activate this magical new Moon as she joins forces with the highly spiritual fixed star Fomalhaut. The psychopomp Mercury treads back towards the watery moon, sending us messages through channels such as dreams, intuition, and gestalts of felt knowing. Altogether, it could feel as though we are remembering the future. Some inner self that is connected beyond this material world is beginning to orient to a new direction.

The other night I dreamt of sliding down a wet membrane tunnel, a a cross between a birth canal and the poured water of Aquarius. I understood that I was transfiguring from one state to the next and that this dark, liminal exit was incubating me with precious homing jewels that would come online to signal when I was ready. These jewels would help guide my path at that time.

This New Moon in Pisces agitates our homing jewels. What if those jewels are simply the gifts that we were born with that the world yearns for at this time. The New Moon encourages us to feel back and beyond our pilgrimage here and to our timeless selves. Like the man in the 8 of Cups, it’s time for some to migrate in the direction where truth lives. This Zugunruhe asks we come home to ourselves.

Visionary artist unknown.