Venus square Saturn: I think I’ll go eat worms

When I was little, one of the songs we sang at summer camp was “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me. I think I’ll go eat worms!” This song could be the anthem of Venus in hard aspect to Saturn tomorrow morning (Tuesday at 10:37am—CST). If you’re feeling left out and a little bit lonely, you’re probably not the only one.

Additionally, Venus in Aries answers to Mars in Capricorn. Whereas Venus at her best is welcoming, resourceful, and magnetizing, Venus resourced by Mars in Capricorn might be quick to call things quits and walk away from a relationship, partnership, social situation or business opportunity that isn’t holding up under the heightened scrutiny.

Venus square Saturn can be critical on both the pocketbook and on the reflection in the mirror. Perhaps we’re feeling the need to watch our spending and corset our budget. Or maybe we’re feeling fugly and frumpy and that we’ve passed our prime. One Solar Return, I had Venus squaring Saturn and not only did I feel as though I had to count my pennies that year, but I stopped wearing makeup and making an effort to look attractive. I just couldn’t be bothered. Whatever magnetism I naturally possessed plumbed the depths of obscurity and one pair of Madewells that year.

Like everything, this transit is temporary. We’ll be feeling differently once the square passes and Venus enters her own home of Taurus where she’ll be better resourced, answering to herself instead of Mars in Capricorn. So have compassion for yourself. If you’re off to go eat some worms, maybe go for the gummies instead of the big fat juicy ones or eensie weensy squeensy ones.

Image thanks: @sidedimes