Planets in aspect :: Venus square Pluto

Today’s Venus square Pluto may have some of us feeling a bit obsessive about our relationships. Or perhaps we’re on the receiving end of a partner’s compulsive behavior such as constantly checking on us or even stalking. When a person holds this energetic in their natal chart, the challenges they experience in relationships as well as what and how they attract become a part of their spiritual path. Venus–the force of mating and relating–becomes the focal point through which Pluto’s power, transformation, and depth is experienced.

Like all aspects, there’s a range of behavior manifested. On one end of the spectrum, we find shadow material such as sexual abuse, suppressed rage, and controlling behavior often shrouded in shame and secrecy. Relationships always play out themes of obsession, jealousy, and compulsions. At the middle level, Pluto & Venus create intensity in relationships. We hear talk of Twin Flames and karmic ties. There can be a lot of drama and needless pain as people cling onto the sinking ship of their relationship.

Then there’s the high side. My daughter (pictured) @marlybenedicto has Venus opposing Pluto in her chart. She has experienced power dynamics as well as controlling partners. But in her commitment to continually evolve into the best version of herself, she’s used her relationships as a laboratory to go very deep in playing out this powerful aspect. Pluto has a shamanic vibe when we work with his energy, giving us the ability to transform ourselves. In doing so, we begin to deeply understand ourselves and other people, taking the obsessive quality into a spiritual direction. Here we find crusaders for the Sex Positive Movement, tantric practitioners, power couples, and profoundly honest relationships that work in the service of alchemizing shadow to light.