The Luckiest Rocket Man

I’m the luckiest man in the world. I’m on the biggest world tour of my life. I have this film coming out which everyone says is amazing… I have a book coming out… this is the biggest year of my life. – Sir Elton John, 72 years old.

Things are going pretty good for this Rocketman. He’s an iconic musician, has sold more than 250 million records, is happily married to his husband with whom he shares two sons with, and was knighted in 1988. For 2019 to be “the biggest year” of his life immediately made me wonder what Jupiter is doing in his chart. At 72, #EltonJohn is in a 1st house profection year which magnifies his image, sense of self, and how other people see him. The timing for #Rocketman, a musical covering EJ’s breakthrough years, couldn’t have been better timed. As a Sagittarius Rising, Jupiter rules EJ’s 1st House and is his chart ruler as well. The transits to and from Jupiter have a little more kick this year since as ruler of the 1st, Jupiter is EJ’s Time Lord. As Jupiter retrogrades in a square to Neptune, we see the release of musical that tells the story of Elton John’s past on the silver screen, such a gorgeous manifestation of Jupiter & Neptune.

Further, If we take a look at his progressed chart, EJ is currently shining brightly with a progressed full moon, which is often a time people literally step into the limelight. His North Node is guiding his #firdaria (ancient Persian timing technique) from 70-73 as we see him shaping his legacy and bringing fortune.

There are some concerns that may be coming up: starting March of 2020, EJ’s Firdaria will be led by his diminishing South Node for two years + his progressed Moon currently in Sag will be in Capricorn (where it moves in 1 mo) + in his Solar Return chart, Jupiter occupies the 6th House which could signify sickness (ancients called the 6th the House of Bad Fortune) + Uranus will conjunct his 8th House Ruler (the Moon) which could point to a more more serious time. That said, for now, it’s wonderful to see his Jupiter generously working for him as he basks in the light and feels as if he’s the luckiest man alive.

ART @intjdesign