Powerful Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

This New Moon Solar Eclipse at 11:11pm Central Time on December 25th is an especially powerful one. Just four degrees from the South Node, it continues the themes we’ve been experiencing for much of this year: investing our time and resources wisely, pruning back, and letting go.

That said, it is a New Moon and New Moons reflect seeding energies and beginnings. Furthermore, Jupiter is conjunct this eclipse offering a promise of hope that accompanies the aforementioned shedding. It’s almost as if we’re being asked to deal with the past once and for all so that we are truly free to step into the future. Perhaps this means spiritually taking out the trash so that energetically, we’re 100% available for what wants to show up in our lives.

As the year comes to an end, perhaps we might reflect on what we still need to surrender to the great cosmic recycling bin. As we all know, nothing is ever really gone, it comes back to us in a new form either as another lesson to work through or as wisdom accrued.

Image by Fran Rodríguez